My UFO Abduction Experience

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This is a sideshow of a UFO I accidentally caught on camera in September of 2009 I have many more pictures of this craft, it skimmed across the surface of the moon before landing (more pictures upon request).

Below is a true story of an account I had.

Indeed we were a rowdy bunch in those days; the four of us. However, that night, in early October of Nineteen Seventy Seven we were not up to our normal raucous ways. That night the heterogeneous pack of us was in a mellow mood.

After individually picking the motley crew up at their homes, I pulled my Orange Chevy Van (known then as the ‘Tangerine Van’) into the parking lot of ‘Village Liquors’ to get a ‘six’r’ and a bag of ‘Nacho Cheese Chips’.

“One six pack of beer between the four of us.” I curse to myself as I get out of the Van.

“If I am to get three bottles of Tuborg Gold out of this six’r, then someone’s going to have to do without”, I think to myself as I walk into the liquor store. “

“You better get Brian back before 11:30.” I am hearing the imaginary grating voice of Brian’s Mom reverberating in my head. It was the last thing she said as I pulled out of Brian’s drive way, yelling at me from the open doorway of their home. Brian’s Mom didn’t want her son hanging out with the likes of me, me and the rest of us. After all; most of us were teen -age misfits and still in high school. Randy was the only one older than the rest of us.

“OK; so Brian doesn’t drink and I don’t smoke dope, sounds like a good trade to me.” I rationalize to myself as I looked down at the carton on the counter containing the six gold-labeled bottles. The chick at the cash register did not know that I was under-age.

“So where do you wanna go party?” I ask’ Bill, Randy and Brian as I pull out of the parking lot. “Let’s go to Park Wilshire, its close, we don’ have a lot of time.” Bill offers.

“Sure, Park Wilshire sounds fine.” I cheerfully reply.

Park Wilshire (And I never understood why they called it Park Wilshire.) was exactly that; a place to park, off Wilshire road, on the very outskirts of town. It was a barren hill overlooking a town and the Pacific Ocean beyond about two miles away. Directly behind ‘Park Wilshire’ and all around us was a Twenty Five Thousand acre Redwood Forest. This land mass was a wild life preserve: The Forest of Nisene Marx, named after the old woman that donated it to the county.

Within the small town that I grew up in, there existed a legend, of sorts; that Nisene Marx was a mean and powerful witch. I had spent a lot of time in that forest as a young boy with my Brother. The Forest of Nisene Marx was very thick, dense and dark. Giant Redwoods (Sequoia Sempervirens) stole the light from the sky above, leaving the forest below, in shadows of black wet darkness. This forest was eerie and often left me feeling uneasy. I always had the feeling that someone or something was watching me when I was in the darkness of that forest.

I had just opened my second bottle of beer and was worrying over how I was going to pull off getting the third bottle away from them, when I heard a strange sound coming from behind me. It was coming from the direction of the forest. Bill, Randy and Brian were in a huddle, puffing away, a few paces from me. Something told me not to turn around; I felt something. This was an odd feeling. I suddenly had the sensation of being in the presence of something far greater than me. I immediately noticed Bill, in front and to the right of me. He was pointing to something behind me. He had a look on his face of shock and bewilderment. Bill was a tall person but now he was half- bent over slouching in a peculiar way. He was half-slummed and rigid at the same time; he seemed really short and small. His upraised arm as well dangled in the air in front of him as if suspended from some unseen marionette. He was pointing to something behind me. I noticed that his jaw was slackened and his eyes were opened too wide and they appeared to be black abysmal pits with no bottom. Randy and Brian were in the opposite direction and they were preoccupied with passing the smoke back and forth and giggling. They did not appear to notice anything.

I turn around ever so slowly and it was then that I saw it; a flying saucer. For me it is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. I become hysterical with laughter. My mind cannot and will not accept or grasp what I am witnessing. I first think it is a balloon of some kind. I expect to see a U.S.N. insignia on it. It is close to Halloween, I remember thinking, “This must be some kind of Halloween joke put on by the Navy.” The saucer and bowl shaped object was so close that you could almost reach out and touch it. At that moment, it did not appear to notice us. I felt an immediate connection with the occupants of the craft. I sensed that they were preoccupied with making calculations. I think that this is why they did not notice us at first.

“It even has round porthole windows? Come on.” How absurd, I think to myself. The craft is pulsating while emitting a low oscillating sound. This sound is a hum of sorts, in two mutable and distinct low octaves. On the lower end of the two oscillations, the craft becomes a dark gray metallic looking object. When the pitch of the strange sound changed to the slightly higher frequency, it seemed then that light was radiating from within the craft. The craft emitted an eerie translucent glow from within.  It looked like light coming from inside of an eggshell, it had this semi-transparent kind of orange glow coming from within. The oscillations between the two octaves; the low and the high, are between one and two seconds apart. This is a slow rhythmic and methodic drone. At the time, I entertained the illusion that this vessel was oscillating in between time and space. I felt I was near a tremendous source of power. It scared me a little. It was kind of, as if it was oscillating between materializing and dematerializing. It gave me the impression that it was preparing to do something extraordinary. The object was very close and moving incredibly slow!

By now, I am literally jumping up and down yelling, “It’s a flying saucer. It’s a flying f-nnn saucer. Do you see it? Don’t you guy’s see it!” I am shouting repeatedly.

“Shush-ShhhuuuusSH!”  Annoyingly Brian gets in my face and with his fat index finger pressed firmly against his disgusting lips Brian makes the irritating hush sound. Brian is scared “Don’t let it know we are here.” Brain warns, threateningly.

“What are you crazy, I want to go aboard!” I say to him. I then start yelling as loud as I can and jumping up and down.

“Over here! Hey come back.” I yell as the object has slowly moved off in the direction of the sea. The saucer/bowel shaped object was now nothing but a light and had traveled a distance of about a quarter of a mile away. Then suddenly the object turned several different colors. The object became white, then blue, then red and then green. It was then that I was abruptly overwhelmed with the most terrifying feeling; a feeling of which I pray I never feel again. I felt hunted. I felt as if I were prey. I felt as if an invisible hand of sorts reached out and then caught me in its grip. This invisible hand held us tightly in its grasp long before the craft was over our heads. Looking back now, I think that it must have been a priority for them to pick us up, because it was as if suddenly they were on ‘high alert’ when they finally did seem to notice us. I again felt or sensed a powerful psychic connection with whatever occupants were in the ship. This was a very odd sensation. I felt completely empathic with the beings. This feeling was something akin to the Vulcan mind meld that Spock would do on old Star Trek episodes. In addition, this was the strangest feeling, quite terrifying, really. I was suddenly alarmed and then shaken as I now sensed an entity that was *malevolent.

*Author’s Note:

Maybe the sensation coming from within the alien ship was not malevolent but their proceeding actions were indeed violent and violent in an unemotional sort of way (if this makes sense). I assure there was nothing benevolent about the experience. The abduction was an assault and an intrusion. Their capture of us was not only a mugging in the physical sense but it was an assault on our psyche. They were kind but they definitely had an agenda. It was very important to them that we were not afraid. This was significant to them. I did not have the feeling that their concern for us was bred from any kindness nor compassion on their part; it seemed that their thoughtfulness had more to do with their ‘agenda’ than anything else did. I think that when they collect their samples and do their reproductive experiments, it gets all messed up, when the sample is infected with fear.

The craft changed colors very rapidly as it cycled through the light spectrum. The spectacle then instantly darted from where it was to end up directly over our heads. This all happened rather quickly, so rapidly, in fact, that I did not observe the movement of the craft from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’.  It was as if the craft had suddenly teleported to our location.

I would have to say that the bowl shaped disc resembled that of the ship reveled in the Gulf Breeze sightings, more than other U.F.O.’s that I have seen photographs of.  Now this event took place in Nineteen Seventy Seven and I remember that I had not seen ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ yet. At that time in my life, U.F.O.’s were the furthest thing from my mind. I clearly remember the circular vehicle descending upon us. I remember looking up at and then it coming down upon us. I remember seeing the two concentric rings one of which consisted of several smaller white lights rotating in a counter clockwise rotation and the other concentric ring of individual lights rotating in the opposite (clockwise) direction. I then remember seeing a solid blue band of light in a yet smaller concentric ring with in the other two bands of light beneath the craft. It was then that this blue light shot out of from beneath the ship to envelop us. The giant ship was descending down upon the now terrified lot of us. It was getting bigger and bigger. I remember thinking; “This thing is gigantic!”  Then I remember it ascending away from us. I remember thinking at the time; “That’s weird. Why would it come down on us like that to then just move away?” At this point things become hazy. I vaguely remember driving off the mountain. I remember that no one spoke.

The next thing I do remember is dropping Brian off at his house and then, looking at my watch, and realizing much to my surprise and dismay, I saw that the time was 1:30 A.M. Where did three hours go? In addition, I distinctly remember looking at my watch shortly before the encounter. I remember the red digital number’s on the brand new Texas Instruments, digital watch (which my Father had recently given to me) blinking on and off. I was obsessed with that watch. It was the first of its kind. I believe my Father had paid over One Hundred Dollars for it at that time. This was lot of money in those days.

I awoke the next morning in pain. There was a sharp burning pain coming from my groin. Then I looked there and saw a fresh bright Red Crescent shaped scar. The scar was unusual in that it appeared as if the gash was fused (laser surgery?) or closed by some method of burning. The wound was deep and it hurt like hell. This wound bothered me for years afterwards. I still have the scar there today. I have shown it to a Doctor and he said, “Oh My God, what happened to you there?”

“You don’t want to know.”  I hesitantly answered him.

I then decided to tell him my story. Afterwards he dismissed my entire experience with an attitude of arrogance and denial, stating;

“Well, you must have had surgery .You cannot get a scar like that unless something serious happened to you, you just don’t remember”

“Yeah, you got that right.” I said, under my breath.

I asked my Mom about it; whether or not I had ever had surgery there (when I was a baby, perhaps and do not remember?). She then assured me that I had not.

The scar, to this day, remains a mystery.


I sometimes think that I have accessed memories from the ‘missing time’ phenomena. Yet I am skeptical and careful. I do not believe ninety-nine percent of what I hear about mainstream U.F.O. phenomena.  I have seen many science fiction movies since this experience and consequently read so much on the topic, that it is impossible for me to filter through those vague memories of the ‘missing time’ with  much honest objectivity. The ‘missing time’ memories are extremely vague, whereas the above memories are entrenched deep within cognitive thought. These memories have always been ‘frontal-lobe memories’ however, if I were to take a great leap of faith stretching my imagination to impossible and immeasurable depths; I would say this:

The entity I spoke with told me to go and comfort my friends because they were afraid. The Gray entities aboard the ship seemed to be quite worried that my friends were in distress.

My friends were isolated in a different area of the ship. It seemed to me that they were in a green room with a black border. This room seemed ‘fake’ (This is the only way I can describe it) and I had the feeling that they were being ‘contained’.  When I entered the ‘green room’, it seemed that I passed through some kind of electro-static fog or some kind of ‘field. One of the entities escorted me there and it seemed as if he pulled a curtain away or something. The creature did not enter the room with me; it seemed concerned not to enter the room. It was as if my friends were quarantined. I also remember that I needed the assistance of the creature to leave the green room. Again, they were very concerned about the anguish of my friends, namely Bill. I do not clearly remember where Randy and Brian are at this time. It was almost as if Bill’s agony was an infectious disease to them. I Remember Bill sitting on the floor leaning up against a ‘fake’ wall. I remember there was a green chair or bench of sorts that was part of the wall. The chair had that same fakeness to it. I asked Bill why he did not sit in the nice chair that they had provided for him. When I entered the room and as well when I left the room, Bill had had the palms of his hands pressed firmly against his face trying to shut everything out. During this time, while I was trying to console him, Bill was crying as he mouthed the solitary word of the incredulous and the beguiled; “No!” and “No!” “No! NOoooo!” Moreover, he repeated this ominous chant continually. He was hysterical I do not believe that he was aware of my presence. The entities, and I say plural at this time, seemed to be quite curious about my jovial attitude to the whole affair. This indeed perplexed them. After I spent a few minutes with Bill, I was led down the arc of a semi-circular hallway. After that, it seemed as if we descended a few steps to enter what appeared to be the ‘flight deck’ of the ship where I was then introduced to another grey entity with a bigger head. This creature was shorter than the others were. I gathered that this was the ‘leader. It then seemed as if we went on a journey to many different galaxies and planetary systems. I was shown a view screen that I think was the main view screen for the ship located in the flight control area of the ship. This view screen was oval shape and it stood on some kind of pedestal or something. I remember the creature gesturing its hand over the screen then different star systems would come into view, it was as if the screen held a catalog of celestial maps and when a map of a distant star system was loaded then we would suddenly be there. It was like the creature would load a map and then a transparency would overlay the map on the screen except that the transparency was the real star system. So it was almost instant. It took a few seconds for the two images to interlace one another. Somehow both images were alive or real but not in the sense of a live creature nor alive in the sense of artificial intelligence. This was something else. The images had to line up and ripen, I want to use the word ripen or mature here, anyway it all had to match up somehow and there was this lensing effect like focusing. This reminded me of developing an old photograph in a darkroom. But the entire process was kind of backwards, it was as if the transparency (the real star system in time and space) was the developer and the static image was the photographic paper and the ship was the film and the lens. But then there was more than one lens here. Yes kind of like that. The process was strange. I think the ship was alive in the sense that it knew, or was one with the universe, and it (the ship) acted like a lens of sorts. I think the being was trying to tell me where they were from, how they came to be here and why. I was not afraid but I was quite intimidated by those big black insect-like eyes and the vastness of knowledge they seemed to contain. As well, I was terrified (I say terrified, but I was not afraid of them. I was terrified more in the sense of the word as we use “That was a terrific roller-coaster ride.” I was deeply intimidated by the creatures’ intelligence, its knowingness and its lack of emotion, compassion, empathy and its inability to love. They have absolutely no sense of love) because this being seemed to have neither empathy nor emotion. This completely alien creature seemed very old and I mean old, maybe millions of years, perhaps billions of years. I remember thinking something about them being the ‘spawn of the universe’. I felt that there was an infestation of them throughout the galaxies. Almost as if they were a virus, infecting and propagating throughout the cosmos. It seemed that these entities had created their artificial biological bodies to transfer their consciousness into for their survival and their desire to be immortal. It seemed that a very long time had passed since ‘they’ had real biological bodies. In a way, they were more insect-like than machine-like. I was under the impression that they had grown the artificial biological bodies of which they currently possessed. Perhaps they stole these bodies from some other civilization of which they had previously absorbed. It seemed to me that they wanted something that we had, something that can only be experienced from the mortal. They seemed very aware of their immortality. And it seemed that they had lost something of the spiritual. At one time, I had thought that they were we i.e. humans that evolved millions of years from now. I theorized that perhaps they had time traveled back to their past to restore that which they had lost. The being I conversed with was acutely interested in our belief system of God. I almost sensed anger when we addressed the subject. It seemed I was asked if they could meet this God. They wanted his address so they could go and talk with him. When I shared with them that this is an unseen God that the people of the earth worship they judged this inconsequential fantasy. At that moment, they seemed to give me the impression that they considered themselves as our God. Or that they wanted to be our God.

I think that it is quite plausible; that they have an agenda of infiltrating into the population of humanity. I think that they will transfer their consciousness into the hybrid embryos of which they are creating and thus ‘incarnate’ into the human fetus to then intergrade into the human population. But in order for them to do so they must alter the D.N.A., F.N.A. and the R.N.A. to create a third strain or triple helix in order to successfully transfer their consciousness. I do not believe that they are looking to survival of their species. This would signify an altruistic purpose. In our species, procreation is the most sacred act. Through the act of procreation, is the way in which we emanate God and it comes with great sacrifice on our part (The act of procreation in and of itself is an act of selfless unconditional love). I do not believe they are creating offspring of their species I do not think they do that sort of thing. I got the feeling that there is a lot of them, maybe a Google of them (a Google is the number one with one hundred zeros behind it) rather they are creating vessels for their consciousness’s I do believe there is nothing, neither altruistic nor benevolent, about them. They are, in my opinion, completely self-serving. Moreover, I think they are like a virus and an insect in that they multiply only for the sake of multiplying and I believe that they devour other species through the process of absorption, so it is not really killing, but it is.

I think that they did something to my sperm, altered it somehow. If they propagate here amongst our species then our species is doomed and the human being will become extinct, as we will be ABSORBED!

*On another note, I probably would not have realized the missing three hours if it were not for a few key factors. One I had to have Brian home before 11:30 and I do remember picking him up before Ten P.M.

I was obsessed with the new fancy digital watch my father had just given me. And for these two reasons I most likely looked at the watch when we arrived at Park Wilshire. It was 10:20 P.M. when we arrived there. I probably would have forgotten all about the incident if it were not for the painful wound I awoke to on the subsequent morning.

About one year after the incident I brought the topic up with Bill, I asked; “Do you remember when we saw that flying saucer?” He abruptly replied with a startled look to his countenance. “We are not supposed to talk about that, remember?”

Well in fact, I did not remember that at all, but I dropped it. What I do remember as clear as a bell; are all of the events surrounding the abduction and they are crystal clear and the ‘story’ has not changed. I wrote the synapsis of the experience down a few times throughout these past thirty odd years and the details of the experience have not changed. They say; “The devil is in the details.” The details of this experience are overwhelming. I do not suffer from selective memory. I have a photographic memory. I embellish sometimes, because this is fun but there is no embellishments in this writing.

On another curious note: It was not until a good ten years had passed since the experience that I ever shared the story with anyone( I call it a story sometimes because the experience is so far from any kind of reality we live in that I often refer to it as my UFO story). Whenever the topic of UFO’s came up, I would cognitively acknowledge the memory of the experience to myself but I could not offer one word of sharing the experience with anyone. It was as if my mouth were suddenly filled with hot, sticky glue!

I became clean and sober in March of 1982. For all of these past years since then I have practiced diligent spiritual work on myself, striving for a clean mind based in reality. Meditation has been a daily discipline. I have done a little work trying to retrieve some of the memories of the ‘missing time’. Nothing has been forthcoming other than what I shared above save for a few other occurrence’s. It is quite possible that there have been at least three or more ‘other’ encounters. In trying to retrieve memories, I once had the strong impression that it had happened Four years prior to the above experience on another mountaintop in Santa Cruz County. Then I think it happened again in 1990. However, the abductors were quite furtive and thorough in wiping my memory, clean those times. However, those erased memories seem to be intermixed within the memory I clearly remember. Does this make sense to anyone? Memory is a funny thing. At the age of forty, I realized most people with ‘selective memory’ actually believe the goods they are trying to sell. I always thought these kinds of people were trying to pull one over on me. This then enabled me with the ability to have compassion for these people instead of resenting them.

A case in point; I became a professional tree climber and I taught my skills, well to many individuals, but one individual in particular was an apprentice of mine of whom I taught many things before he moved away. About a year later, I moved to the town that he had moved to and I taught him a new knot for tying off branches. Two weeks later, he says, “Cerey, come over here I want to teach you this new knot I thought up myself.” He grabs a piece of ‘bull-rope’ and proceeds to tie the knot I taught him two weeks earlier! He was absolutely convinced that he had discovered this knot on his own. I could never convince him otherwise.

Acknowledgements: Real character’s mentioned or included in this story; (Save for my family) I have omitted their last names but their first names are real.

Bill has spent most of his life in Prison; I lost touch with hi in 1981.

Brian as well spent a lot of time in Prison; I last saw him in 1984

Randy was killed in an automobile accident in 1981.

Bart Lee Runyon: My Brother was murdered in 1974

Edgar Paul Runyon: My Father dies shortly after this experience Oct 1977

My Mom is well.