In this incredible age of changing times, we will be posting articles and videos, pertaining to such things as, climate change, volcanic upheavals, and increased seismic activity. As well we will be covering the approach of a Nemesis; a dark star, possibly Nibiru―, we will be researching the Annunaki and other ancient anomalous civilizations with advanced knowhow.

New evidence is forthcoming on a daily basis―, thanks to the advent of the internet. We will deliver our collective data in a neutral and objective posture and we will always reserve the right to be wrong. Negative feedback will not be deleted. We respect and welcome constructive criticism. However, feedback with vulgar language will be edited for the sake of our more sensitive audience.

We will investigate disinformation groups and mainstream media, as well as The Bilderberg group.

The heartbreak manifested by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster will give you continual updates, frequently, with reliable sources and information. We strongly support Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy ―,  andDr.  Helen Caldicott―  We feel strongly that this disaster is the largest health hazard to the global population ever, the effects of which will be felt, long after we are all dead and gone. The calamity at Fukushima may well spell the end for humankind.

As we feel strongly that there exists an immense amount of science, technology and impending ELE’s (Extinction Level Events) that the information and knowledge of which is wrongfully being withheld from us.

We monitor F.E.M.A. activates regularly and we know that they have been preparing for mass catastrophe in the populations of the US centering mostly on major cities. They particularly show that they have been in high gear for at least the past five years.



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